I chose the free magazine 'Stil' by The Red Cross that gets published once a year and can be found in their secondhand stores all over Denmark. 

First of all I changed the name 'Stil' to 'God Stil', because I thought it reflected the content better - it can both be understood as the good deed you do when buying secondhand clothing at a Red Cross store, or when you have a good sense of clothing style. Then I wanted to bring a more creative and inspirational vibe to the magazine, because I think secondhand clothing is also about being creative and seeing new possibilities in the clothing, besides contributing to a good cause. To create this vibe I chose to use collages as a picture style. Still I wanted to reflect the serious content of the articles and the mission of The Red Cross and make the reader want to dive into the stories.


* all photos and text from original magazine 

magazine redesign


Lisbeth Højmark, Editorial Design, School of Visual Communication


Redesign a magazine by own choice. Show variety in layout style but still keep the red thread throughout the magazine design. 

Present design

Redesign focus points

creativity tribute


inspiration catalyst

old logo / name

new logo / name

The good deed when buying clothes at a Red Cross store

A good sense of clothing style

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